Oh No! (Funny Reaction Image)

Doozy Moo says, “Oh No!” as he puts his hands on his face in this funny reaction image. Kids can use this silly picture to express shock or concern when talking to their friends and family online.

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"Oh No!" is being said by a funny cartoon character named Doozy Moo as his put his hands on his face in shock.

This “Oh No!” reaction image can be downloaded for free and used in conversations, messages, texting, email, and on social media. The illustration is from the short moral story, “Doozy Moo and the Cabbage Thief.”

Funny Text Message Conversation Using This Reaction Image

This is a screenshot of a funny conversation between two friends talking about what one of them did over the summer. One friend finds out that the other had a mishap on vacation and decides to reply using the “Oh No!” messaging sticker. It’s a humorous way for kids to communicate that they are shocked or concerned.

This is a screenshot of a funny text message conversation between two friends discussing summer vacation. After one friend finds out about the other’s mishap, he replies with the "Oh No!" messaging sticker.

Our series of funny reaction images work on popular social media and messaging apps. You can use them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter, and your other favorite social networking sites. Make people laugh when you reply to messages and comments with these silly pictures.

This free messaging sticker is from the story, “Doozy Moo and the Cabbage Thief.” All of our children’s picture books include a set of free related activities.

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