Crossword Puzzle Worksheet (Free Printable)

Kids can improve their reading comprehension skills with this free crossword puzzle worksheet. The questions are based on the charming children’s book, “Doozy Moo and the Cabbage Thief.”

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Crossword puzzle worksheet featuring Pop and Silk. Questions are based on a children's book.

Reading and Listening Test Ideas for This Worksheet

Reading Comprehension Test: Encourage your child to read the PDF eBook that goes along with this printable and then ask them to fill in the correct answers, one letter per square, both across and down, from the questions in the worksheet.
Listening Comprehension Test: Encourage your child to listen to the audiobook that goes along with this worksheet and then ask them the questions from this crossword puzzle.

Here are the answers to this free crossword puzzle.
Across: 1. trap, 2. leaf, 3. tasty
Down: 4. cabbage, 5. Pop, 6. Silk, 7. steal

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View Doozy Moo and the Cabbage Thief

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